Flirting With Death

by Writing Off Tomorrow

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released April 14, 2015



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Writing Off Tomorrow Morgantown, West Virginia

Writing off Tomorrow is a 4-piece, female fronted Rock band based out of Morgantown, WV. The WOT lineup consists of Megan Edison on vocals and violin, Casey Ringler on guitar, Bill Wiltrout on bass, and Joe Canfield on drums.

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Track Name: Funeral For A Lie
I never told you
you were all that got me through.
The best part of any day.
The light that shown my way.
I wish I'd told you all the things I'd always meant to say.
Maybe then I'd have the time that you just stole away.

I miss the color of your eyes.
The way they wrinkled when you smiled.
I miss the way your hand fit over mine.
I miss the way your simplest words could clear the stormy skies.
All things I should've said before the day you died.

Verse 2:
While you sat there bleeding, letting life escape your veins,
while you sat there dreaming of all your freedom from all this pain.
You left your shadow here to kill all you left behind.
You left your shadow here as a funeral for your lie.
Track Name: Kick Your Body Cold
No one buys your stories.
No one follows you around the bend.
The selfish path you chose to take
means you'll walk alone until the end.
I lead you other ways.
Put the answers in front of your face.
Watched you run away in misery just to wallow in your mistakes.

Release the monsters in your head.
Repeat the message that he sends.

I'll justify your reasons why
I'll back your story
Turns out my blood is getting cold
But your victim card is old.
Just take your many reasons to cry
and just keep on moving.
Lay down in front of me to die
and I'll kick your body cold.

No one can take your glory.
Play the victim as long as you can
Vanity can feed your attention greed,
so spin your stories

Believe I'm the one that's in control
Leave me, the circle is getting old
Track Name: Try and Kill Me
Alone in thought in choking dark
afraid the light might make me look around.
To see your face, an empty space
was once the place where everything was found.

I've been running far too long
been pushed too many times.
I've been battered, broken, lost in finding
remnants of my life.
But the dark won't hide you now.
I'll stop and stand my ground.
You're nothing,
just try and kill me now.

The way you've been just torturing to make me scream
I know now, I've realized that you don't get to win.
Was a fool to let you think you'd met a weak willed pet.
I'm broken but still standing
you haven't killed me yet.

You told me I couldn't fight it... so I did.
You told me I'd lose this battle... so I decided to win.

Now look what you've become
An empty sign for all that's wrong.
Now look what I've become
the piece of you that never did belong.
Track Name: Wither, Bleed and Scream
I'll play inside this body
the part of the person you want me to be
Just suffocate who I want to be
Just watch me wither, bleed and scream

Just leave me alone. I'll die quietly.
Just please be moving onto your next unsuspecting body.

You mean nothing at all to me
You forget that you'll get what you give
I'll get you before you kill me
I'll watch you wither, bleed and scream
Track Name: Pick My Bones Dry
The torture in your smiling eyes
You drag me through the mud, then you tell me that you love me
Your sick desire for my blood, your fancy words that cut
all because I "never tried".

There's always fear in the way you look tonight
There's beauty in the pointless tears you cry
I know you live to scream the way you live to breathe
so you can tear out all my life

An enemy would have let me die.
Your love to hate keeps me alive.
I'm way past the lies.
If you can't see that I hate you, you must be blind.
You walk on next to me hiding the man beneath
that's tried to kill me all this time.
I'm too tired to try
You need to stand up and end me
Just stand up and kill me
and pick my bones dry

The clever way you lay the blame
to make me feel your shame
then you tell me you forgive me
The only way you'll play is if you win the game
and drive me insane

There's always more in the words you choose to wield.
The jagged slice through the scabs that never healed.
And so I go to a darker place,
find a cozy spot inside my cage.
And swallow all my rage.

I'll scream the way you think I should.
I'll deal with all your trials.
I'll be the selfless little doll.
that you can use to hide.
I'll force the laughter and the smile.
Pretend that all is fine.
I'll be the selfless little doll.
So you can feel alive.
Track Name: Thrive
Such a filthy place meant to thrive
to show us how easy it is to die
such a clever little lie, that we might be alright
such a clever little lie, deludes our selfish little minds

And yet we try
to see the light in lies.
And bide our time
begging for meaning that we'll never, ever find.
And yet we thrive
and in the darkest places without our eyes.
We stay alive.
We've learned to see
and yet we stay blind.

There's so much beauty here that was meant to die
to show us that dark defines the light
such a clever little lie, that goodness always dies
such a clever little lie, we're born from dark and yet we try

Though they are blind your eyes
don't ever ignore the lies
you see your way through, you try

don't just drown in lies
strong is never blind
Track Name: Another Day
Hello reality, we were never friends
and yet we meet again so you can take me to my end
another fatality to lost amends
to breaking promises to the strength that fled

Another day inside my head
trapped in this game I play to see if I can end up dead
another day to lose my way
in this labyrinth of a life where ever turn is a dead end

I'll wash away all of this unending pain
in selfish blood again
But there's a way, a light, a path to take
that ends in finding that forgotten strength
to see another day

Endless reminders of what I've done
I've lost my way a while
burned bridges only to myself
I've left behind those that tried to help
to move into this vacant life so I can suffer to myself

I never stopped to try.
Just let my pain call the shots again
Got in my own way, I'll never be ok.
I thought I'd say goodbye,
Never let you see me cry,
and you'd miss me in the end.
I'm not ok.